Trail Tip Tuesday

Ben Robinson 

Future Bellingham Trail Marathon Record Holder
When he's not logging miles you can find Ben working sales at the Montage Mountain Resort in PA.  Follow all his trail adventures at @milesodtrials88

Why did you start trail running? I started trail running when I moved to Park City, UT last summer. The family I lived with was very familiar with the trail running community there and I fell in love.

What are the major differences between road and trails? A major difference is understanding that racing at the same pace is impossible. The same season I ran 14:30 in the 5k, I ran a 50k at 7:30 pace and it was, at the time, the hardest thing mentally I’ve ever done.

What shoes do you recommend for trail runners? There are so many great trail shoes but I love the La Sportiva Helios SR for racing.

How many roots have you slipped and ate sh** on? (no shame) Oh gosh, I trip many times per run on the trails. One time that stuck out specifically was my first trail run in Utah with my friends Pete and Eric when we went on a run near Salt Lake City and on our way down the mountain, Pete started sprinting so I joined and tripped over a rock and I still have the scars from that run.

Describe your craziest trail race? Easy. First trail race I competed in while living in Utah at Snowbird Resort. It was part of the Discrete Series and I had no idea what I signed up for because it was my first experience. My thoughts were, “How hard could it be, it’s only 9 miles.” Well, by the time mile 4 hit and we already climbed over 3,000 feet, at altitude, I felt like I never ran a day before in my life. I had never walked in a race before and I physically had to walk about half of that mountain. When I finished I was not very happy but I owe it to that race for loving it so much now.  

What does it take to become a top trail runner?
 Hold tight, I will let you know when I make it.

Describe trail runners in three words? Unique, fun, and supportive

Bucket list trail race? SO many options! Non-US would be any race in the UTMB weekend and US race would be The North Face 50 Mile Championships because of how competitive it is.

Best LOL running moment to date? LOL this actually happened to me about two weeks ago. I had a 12 mile progression run to do and I was pumped because progression runs are my favorite. It had been raining all day and still sprinkling a bit when I started but I didn’t care because I felt great that day. Half mile into the run, middle of downtown, rush hour, I turned a corner and my feet came out from under me, my chin broke my fall. I popped back up without a beat because of my embarrassment and kept right on going. It actually didn’t even hurt because my body gave me a little extra shot of adrenaline, which helped my workout because I felt great. A mile later, I touched my chin because I knew I hit it and turned out there was blood all over my neck, shirt, and arms. Gosh I probably looked ridiculous, especially when I was almost running all out at the end through town!